In our reviews page we assess current scholarship and recent publications – most reviews have been written for publication in academic journals.

Anglo-Saxon Emotions: Reading the Heart in Old English Language, Literature and Culture ed. by Alice Jorgensen, Frances McCormack, and Jonathan Wilcox

Bishops, Authority and Community in Northwestern Europe, c.1050– 1150, by John Ott

Death, Torture and the Broken Body in European Art, 1300 – 1650 ed. by John R. Decker and Mitzi Kirkland-Ives

Learning to Die in London, 1380–1540 by Amy Appleford

Rituals, Performatives, and Political Order in Northern Europe, c. 650–1350, ed. by Wojtek Jezierski, Lars Hermanson, Hans Jacob Orning, and Thomas Småberg


Medieval History from Alfred the Great to The Battle of Castillon

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