The Chroniclers

Matthew Firth

Matt completed his Master of History at the University of New England in 2016. His thesis focused on Anglo-Scandinavian acculturation in England in the tenth and eleventh centuries, with a particular interest in the punishment cultures of late Anglo-Saxon England as evidenced in laws, hagiographies and histories. Matt continues to study a Graduate Certificate in Classical Languages in 2017.

Hagiography is rapidly taking over his research as a PhD proposal slowly comes to life.

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Jamie Gatehouse

Jamie is a final year postgrad student at the University of New England, studying a Master of History degree. His research focuses on medieval military history from the middle to late medieval period, with a particular interest in The Hundred Years War, the use of archery in battle, and battlefield tactics.

Archery is beginning to take over his life…

Medieval History from Alfred the Great to The Battle of Castillon